Polaris Tool Rack Carrier

Ranger and General Spare Tire Mount


The Hornet spare tire mount includes the bracket and two Hornet Twist Lock anchors for simple, tool less installation of the bracket that allows for the secure mount and transport of your spare tire. Fits all wheel and tire sizes. Simple installation and removal lets you quickly carry your spare, or leave it at home. The R-800 ST bracket fits all full size and mid size Rangers. Also fits Polaris™ General all models and years. (Note: ON THE GENERAL THE TIRE MUST BE MOUNTED UP AGAINST THE CAB, due to the smaller bed than Ranger). Bracket allows for your spare tire to be stored safely and securely in the inside of the bed. 2 Twist Lock anchors included. PATENTED.



​Aluminum Tool/Accessory Boxes

The Hornet Aluminum Tool/Accessory boxes are manufactured from sturdy Diamond Plate Aluminum, all welded seams, gas shock lid (large only), keyed locks, and handles on both ends. Keep your tools and small items organized, protected, and in place; no more small items rolling around in the bed of your UTV

Hornet Universal UTV Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box This tool box is ideal for all makes and models of UTV's.

 Large R-3025  Length 31"  Width 14"  Height 13.5"

Medium Large  R-3024 Length 24" Width 10" Height 12"

Medium R-4061 Length 12" Width 5.75" Height 8"

Fire Extinguisher Mount Ranger General
Polaris General rifle scabbard
Roll Bar Tool Grip

Hornet Ranger and General Flag Mount includes the integrated Twist Lock Anchor, machined aluminum base and all hardware, and coupling nut shown on the top- simple drop-and-twist installation in your Polaris Ranger or General Bed Hole. Fits Firestick, Gorilla, and any flag mount with a 1/2" of less base bolt. Can also accommodate spring mounts.

Roll Bar Tool Grip

Accessories for your Ranger, RZR, General and Sportsman

Polaris Ranger bucket holder

The R 3011 Bucket Bracket is clear example of practical functionality. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, hunter, ice fisherman, or adventurer, you've likely used a 5 gallon bucket to carry things many times. Now it''s made even easier with the Hornet Bucket Bracket. Anchors included Tool-less installation,

Bucket Bracket

To see ALL of the accessories for your Ranger, General, or Sportsman click here

  • ​Steel parts are all welded, powder coated.

Hornet twist lock anchors
​fits Polaris Rangers & General

Polaris Ranger chainsaw mount

UTV Tool Grips

Hornet  manufactures a RACK MOUNT TOOL GRIP that attaches to any Hornet Rack or Bed Rail system or othe 3/4-1" round tubing.  This high quality tool less clamping system is used and the pair of clamps is also married to a set of rubber quick grips. 

Accessories that attach directly to your Ranger & General

Ranger/General Chainsaw Mount


Hornet Ranger and General Spare fuel can and Fire Extinguisher carrier.

Polaris Ranger & General Bow or Tool Mount

 Single Mount 

 Double Mount 

​R-3028-S & 3028-D Hornet Universal Bow/Gun Mount

If you're looking for a convenient, secure way to transport your bow, gun or tools  this is it. Comes complete with a fully adjustable mounting system, Ranger/General Twist Lock Anchors, and Hornet Y Grips.   The mount installs with no tools and can be attached to either side of the bed, or up against the cab.  This mounting system also works great for carrying string trimmers and heavier tools.

The hooks are completely adjustable by angle, and also can be swiveled to accommodate different applications.


Hornet R-3029 Ranger Gun Scabbard Boot Mount Fits all Rangers & Generals. This Gun Scabbard Boot Mount includes the scabbard sleeve (fits Kolpin IV and 6.0  and Polaris standard rifle scabbards) integrated in to mounting bracket and TWO SECURE tool less anchors (included) so the mount can be attached anywhere along the sides or up against the cab of Polaris Ranger or Polaris General, all years and all models. 


Auxiliary Fuel and Chainsaw Mount
​fits Polaris Ranger all models & Polaris General


Hornet builds a number of different Fire Extinguisher carrier configurations. click here to see them.

Polaris Ranger chainsaw mount


Polaris General rifle scabbard

Hornet Polaris Ranger and General Tool Carrier Kit INCLUDES the Gerber Tools shown.

Polaris Ranger chainsaw mount

Hornet  Tie Down twist lock anchors
​fits Polaris Rangers & General

Ranger/General Spare Tire Mount

Patent Pending

Polaris General flag mount
Polaris general lock and ride anchors

The Patented Hornet R 800 ST is the most unique, user friendly spare tire mount on the market- by far! The spare tire mount  includes all hardware, machined hubs, and 2 Twist Lock anchors. Simple Tool-less installation AND Tool Less mounting of your tire!. Simple to put on and take off in seconds! FITS ALL FULL SIZE AND MID SIZE RANGERS and General all models.

  • Simple installation. All of these are simple "Tool-less" installation


Fits Polaris Ranger Full size, Mid Size, EV all models.

R-3015 CS, r-3015 TH, and R-3015 ST products are integrated versions of our R-3015 Fuel Accessory combined with either a spare tire mount or chainsaw mount. They each include a 2 Gallon CARB/CRC complaint fuel can mounted in the Tool Less bed bracket for simple installation, as well as fuel can removal and 2 Hornet Twist lock anchors for installation in to the bed of your Ranger. Rubber tool hooks are also included for carrying smaller tools such as an axe, small shovel etc.

Hornet Outdoors Polaris Ranger Accessories

Fire Extinguisher Mount Ranger General
Polaris General chainsaw bracket
Polaris Ranger dry box
Aluminum Diamond Plate UTV Tool Box

Auxiliary Fuel fits
​Polaris Ranger all models & General

Polaris Ranger jack

Ranger & General Flag Mount

Ranger Tool Hooks 

Hornet Ranger Tool hooks features a pair of tool hooks, each with a capacity to securely attach tools to your Ranger.  Made in USA rubber quick connects allow for shovels, rakes, trimmers and a variety of other tools to quickly and securely attach to your Ranger bed. Can be mounted anywhere inside or outside the bed in either an inverted or upright position. Pair of tool mounts come complete with Hornet Twist Lock anchors for tool less installation.
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Tool Less installation
​Made in USA
​R 3018 fits all Ranger and General all models.

Polaris general lock and ride anchors
Polaris General extra fuel can

Hornet Outdoors Polaris Ranger Accessories and Polaris Ranger Hunting Accessories.  Hornet Outdoors manufactures a number of products that attach to our racks and ALSO a number of unique, functional
​products that attach to your rig directly, and don't require the use of a Hornet Rack or Rail System.


he Hornet Rifle scabbard boot mount comes complete with the quick attach hardware and the scabbard boot mount. Fits standard Kolpin and Polaris brand rifle  scabbards or get one from us.
This mount fits most Hornet Racks:  

RZ 3009  


The Hornet Universal Quick Lift Jack was designed specifically for off road ATV/UTV use where you need a high capacity jack, light weight, and simple to use.The U-5000-R Jack comes complete with Hornet Twist Lock Anchors integrated in to our Quick Fist mounting system.  Simply drop the Brackets and Anchors in to your Ranger or General Bed holes, tighten, install the jack and that's it. No TOOLS! Install the jack anywhere along the inside of your bed or up against the cab.
Fits Polaris Ranger and General all models 
Up to 32" Lift Height
Weatherproof Galvanized finish
Weighs only 13 lbs.

Polaris Ranger dry box

The Hornet R 3012 Chainsaw bracket is machined from High Density Polyethylene, and married to a solid steel, powder coated housing.

Can be mounted anywhere along the inside or outside of the bed or up against the cab. Includes 2 Hornet Long anchors. Mount your chainsaw securely anywhere inside the bed of your Ranger. Fits ALL Full Size and Mid Size Rangers and Polaris General.

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