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Polaris RZR Accessories
Polaris RZR Accessories

Cargo Racks                 Chainsaw Carriers
Roof Racks                   Spare Fuel
Receiver Hitches         Spare Tire Mounts
Jacks                              Tool Hooks
Spare Tire Mounts      Cell Phone Mounts
POV Camera Mounts  Tool Boxes
Fire Extinguishers        Bow Carriers
Rifle Carriers                 Tree Stand Accessories

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Company Profile

The Hornet Outdoors Design Philosophy

Intrinsic Minds LLC
Founded 1999

Holdings include Hornet Outdoors, Firefly Wind Detector,  and Power Nation

​(303) 408-0250

Engineering Design

Hornet products are designed with functionality, strength, and styling in mind. When new products are developed they're thoroughly field tested to see if they meet the requirements for durability and ease of use. No Tools Required From the roofs to the racks and the accessories, nearly all of the Hornet products are tool-less installation. There is NO assembly. You simply take them out of the box, drop them on and tighten them down with the Hornet Twist Lock anchors and Twist Lock T Knobs that are provided with every product. No Risk Try our products for 30 days and, if you're not completely satisfied send them back for a full refund-no questions asked. One More Thing Some of our products are inspired by our customers so if you have an idea for a product give us a call or send us a note. If we like your idea we'll build one and send it to you for field testing before we run it through our customer evaluation process.

We build what they won't

Did you ever use a product and say to yourself, "If I had made this I would have done this", or "I wonder why the manufacturer made it that way"?  Have you ever wondered why nobody made a particular product or accessory? So have we!

Hornet manufactures cargo racks, bed rails, and accessories for Polaris UTV's and ATV's and Yamaha Wolverine R Spec. We use our UTV's as both  tools an​d toys. We hunt, fish, ranch and recreate with vigor and we don't like to spend a great deal of time attaching things- we'd much rather spend our time riding. Our approach is very simple: we build products that suit our requirements based on functionality and appeal as consumers and our products are guaranteed to please you.