I really like this adjustable hitch.  It was easy to install and adjust ,  is well built, and makes hauling things on my hitch much more secure and easy!

​John W.

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Receiver Hitch for yamaha polaris can am receiver hitch for UTV

Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

Specialty Hitches to mount your spare tire, adjust your towing point, raise or lower your receiver, or use your receiver hitch for unique applications such as a carrier basket, wheel chair, bike rack, feeder, spreader, and more!


Hitches for Auto, Truck, and TV
UTV Jack
ATV/UTV Hitch Carrier
UTV Fire Extinguisher

Hornet Hitches

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Hornet Hitches are designed to address the unique needs of ATV, UTV, and Truck Off Road Adventures and Made in America

Spare Tire Mounts

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Hornet manufactures cargo racks, bed rails, hitch products, trail tools, saw carriers and accessories for Polaris, Yamaha, Can Am, Kawasaki, Honda, and many more! . Many of the Hornet products are either patented or patent pending..

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Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount
Hitches for ATV's and UTV's
Can Am Accessories
Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

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