UTV receiver hitches and spare tire mount for UTV RECEIVER HITCH PRODUCTS

Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter

U-4047 ATV/UTV Spare Tire Carrier

U-4043  2" ATV/UTV Adjustable Receiver Hitch

U-4044  2" ATV/UTV Receiver Hitch Riser

Hornet Outdoors  understands the needs and demands of today's ATV and UTV Enthusiast.  When products intended for other uses are sold in to the ATV/UTV Market the result is often times disappointing to you, the customer.

Receiver Hitch products made for the Auto Industry simply don't work for off road ATV/UTV use.

​​What's different about the Hornet Receiver Hitch Products?  Auto and Truck receiver hitches terminate under the back bumper and they're all about the same height off the ground.  ATV/UTV Receivers terminate at the rear differential (axle) and the distance off the ground and to the back bumper varies greatly with different brands. ALSO, Auto/Truck receiver hitches are almost always used for towing. ATV/UTV receiver hitches are often used for cargo baskets, spreaders, implements, and spare tires that are not towing applications but applications that require the hitch to be set at a different height.

U-4200  2" Truck or ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Adjustable Receiver  Hitch

Patent Pending

Receiver hitch spare tire carrier

Receiver Hitch Products Designed Specifically for your UTV, ATV,  or Truck

Receiver hitch spare tire carrier

Patent Pending

Fold Down Spare Tire Mount

Below is a reference of ALL Hornet Hitch Products.  Click on any image it it will take you to the product on our shopping site.

U-4052  2" ATV/UTV Dual Receiver Hitch Piggyback

U-4051  2" ATV/UTV Receiver Hitch Extender- Short

Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter

U-4053  1 1/4" Receiver Hitch Adapter ATV/UTV 

Cargo Racks                 Chainsaw Carriers
Roof Racks                   Spare Fuel
Receiver Hitches         Spare Tire Mounts
Jacks                              Tool Hooks
Spare Tire Mounts      Cell Phone Mounts
POV Camera Mounts  Tool Boxes
Fire Extinguishers        Bow Carriers
Rifle Carriers                 Tree Stand Accessories

To see these products and many more click here to visit our shopping site where we have much more information on these products.

Receiver hitch spare tire carrier
Receiver hitch spare tire carrier

U-6000-B2   2" ATV/UTV  Carrier and Accessory  Basket

ATV/UTV Adjustable Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

Receiver hitch spare tire carrier
Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter

Patent Pending

U-4063 1 1/4" ATV/UTV Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

U-4075 Adjustable Truck  Hitch

Adjustable Truck Hitch
Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter
Truck Spare Tire Mount

U-4100  2" Heavy Duty  Truck or ATV/UTV Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

U 4044 Receiver Hitch Riser/Extender $49.95

Looking for a simple way to extend and raise the 2" Receiver on your ATV or UTV?  The  Hornet U-4044 Riser/extender with curved bottom negates ground hang-up in the event of rough terrain. Extends the Receiver 14" back and raises it 8".

U-4047 2" ATV/UTV Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter

U 4047 Quick Adjust Receiver Hitch  Spare Tire Mount MSRP $129.95

 The Hornet adjustable spare tire mount was designed for your ATV, UTV or Truck. Any vehicle with a 2" Receiver (if you have a RZR or Sportsman with 1 1/4" receiver there are many adpators on the market that will convert your receiver to 2")

Lower component of the Spare Tire Attachment is curved so your tire mount isn't sticking straight out behind your vehicle but rather it rides up, negating any issues with ground hangup.  The vertical component is simple to attach a tire to (with the included bolts), whether it's an ATV/UTV Tire of full size truck tire. Most important is the vertical arm that attaches to your spare is simple to remove- just pull the standard 5/8" hitch pin (included) and you can remove the tire and vertical arm without unbolting your tire.

UTV Spare Tire Mount

Receiver Hitch Riser/Extender

U-4100 Heavy Duty Truck,  ATV/UTV Spare Tire Carrier

U 4043 Quick Adjust Receiver Hitch MSRP $139.95

 The Hornet adjustable hitch makes a simple to adjust the receiver both vertically and horizontally to accommodate uses for their receiver that include towing but much more, opening up the possibilities for expanded uses that often require receiver adjustment horizontally or vertically so the load is up away from the exhaust and mud. 

The Hornet  ATV/UTV  Quick Adjust Receiver hitch design uses a unique Upper Component (black in the drawing below) that allows for adjustment of the receiver point both vertically and horizontally.  The lower male component that plugs in to the receiver is curved serving two primary purpose:
1. The curved bottom (as opposed to a square shoulder edge on truck raised receivers) negates ground “hang-up” in the even of rough terrain by helping the vehicle move forward off the point of interference between the hitch and the ground.
2. All ATV/UTV receiver termination points are too low for the intended uses so pretty much everything that happens back at the receiver is UP.

Adjustable Receiver Hitch - ATV/UTV

U-4075  2" ATV/UTV Adjustable Receiver Hitch


Adjustable Truck Hitch

U-4043 Adjustable ATV/UTV Hitch

Receiver hitch riser Extender Adapter